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When you think of the Tarot, you probably think of dark magic or fortune telling. This is not surprising, since divination has been the main focus of Tarot cards for more than two hundred years. In spite of its elevation from the mundane to the mysterious, the primary use for the Tarot remains fortunetelling even in the present day. 

However, there is another side to Tarot that is little explored by the mainstream and less understood. The cards can be used as helpful tools for healing, insight & ritual ceremonies. We offer Tarot as a tool to help connect you with your own intuition & tune into your unconscious emotional state. The ultimate goal here is to support you in deepening your relationship with self & others. We also offer Tarot Card Reading packages that best fit your financial needs.


Throughout your Journey with Soulescence, we would like to help shift your perception of Tarot (and what you may have learned about it) in order to help you see how it can act as a healing tool in your journey of learning about your own Soul's evolution & others.


Join Our Circle

Join our Soulescence Circle, where I introduce you to Soul Astrology, Tarot, and Alchemy to support your journey toward soulful transformation. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and deepen your understanding of your Soul Journey.


"I received my first professional tarot reading with Anastasiya on 11/9/2022. I felt very at ease, comfortable, and grounded throughout the entire reading. Anastasiya was very welcoming and created a space where I could ask for clarity and explore specific card(s). Her use of tarot and oracle decks gave me a deeper understanding of the spread and relevant and important messages. Recent events that have unfolded in my life have directly related to the spread. I truly appreciate the conversation and exchange of energy between Anastasiya and myself and would recommend her to those new to tarot."

Olivia, NY

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