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The Minds at Work

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Founder & Dreamer

Sun in: Scorpio/ Moon in: Taurus


Hi there!


My name is Anastasiya and I am so grateful & excited to share my vision with you. The quest towards creating something unique & empowering for others was inspired by my own personal transformation, desire for self-expression & love of ancient mysticism.  



As I explored my own hidden fears, limitations & suppressed emotions, I began to peel back layers of my own conditioning that prevented me from being happy. It was not an easy journey, but I always felt a deeper calling that motivated me to live my higher soul potential.  As I began to embody more of my own soul essence, which is how the name for Soulescence came about, I noticed how my self-confidence & love for self-increased, which gave way to wanting to support others on their journey to living their highest soul path.


As part of my work, I integrate Soul Astrology (aka Evolutionary Astrology), Tarot & Elements, since these have served me during my own healing process. I soon realized that by following my soul purpose (my North Node), I am contributing to collective growth & expanding awareness. I trust that your journey here will be unique, transformative & inspire you to live an authentic life.

Meet our Astrologer

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Kirti Zhu

Evolutionary Astrologer


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