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Image by Kevin Ianeselli

customized Astro-Tarot experience to inspire you to unlock the keys to your Soul's direction and align your personality with it in order to create harmony in your life.

Hi there!


I am happy to announce that we are launching in January 2024. Add your name to our Waitlist and you will receive a notification when we launch. We look forward to offering our services & walk together with you on this journey!

It all started  with a Desire

...a desire to express my experiences through Astrology, Tarot & Spirituality in order to inspire others to tune into their own Soul's calling. The inception of Soulescence is a depiction of a bigger Journey that ALL OF US are on. It is a journey of self-discovery, a search for personal meaning and ultimately an expression of our Soul Purpose. Both Astrology & Tarot play a big role in my own life and have supported my own journey of discovering my Soul path. Some of the Soul Mission Themes that I have since discovered in my life are:

Self-worth & importance of authentic self expression

Forgiveness of self & others

Desire to foster intimacy & understand myself deeper

Magic (Divine intervention) is real, we just have to be open & willing to see

My passion for understanding the underlying root of my intentions, inspired me to create a platform that would serve as a starting point for you to discover your own hidden desires. In bringing this unique experience to you, we hope to raise awareness about your own deepest desires, discover limitations that block your authentic expression and shift perception from Fear to Love. My vision is that every soul can find something meaningful here to incorporate into their own Soul Journey, while building meaningful connections with others.

I am dedicated to my own Soul Journey, as I am to yours! 

How Can We Support You

Integrating Astrology & Tarot in your own life can support you with discovering dynamics that your soul is experiencing in this lifetime. When we can see what emotional dynamics your Soul was working through, & how it has chosen to evolve, we begin to uncover our own Inner Truth & begin shifting our perspectives to tap into the Potential of what we can offer. Your Journey with Soulescence will support you with making empowered decisions that are in alignment with your authentic path and direction. We believe that when the personality comes fully to serve the energy of the soul, this process will encourage your own authentic empowerment. This is the goal of the evolutionary process and the reason for your being.

A Customized Experience & Dashboard


where you will be able to understand your Soul's Purpose & track your progress along the way. 

A Personal Astrology & Tarot Reader


to offer predictive Transit Reports, support your understanding of what SPECIFIC area of your life there are challenges & provide tools to support your Soul Evolution

Access to your Soul Tribe (Community) 


Supportive Tools

Social Events,

Resources & More

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