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Full Moon

Soul Astrology I Tarot I Elements

A personalized experience that aims to inspire your inner Transformation and Empower you to live your highest Soul Expression. 

Image by Edz Norton

Hello & Welcome!


During this pre-launch period, we invite you to join our exclusive community so that you can gain early access to updates, sneak peeks, and insider information about what is to come. Whether you're looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery, overcome limiting beliefs, or cultivate greater fulfillment and purpose, we invite you to explore our offerings and discover how we can support you in creating the life you desire. 


Founder & Dreamer

It all started  with a Soul Desire

Image by Zena Rice-Sarantis

In the vast realm of self-discovery and personal meaning, I embarked on a profound quest, fueled by my passion for Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot, and the Elemental forces. This desire to express my experiences, to unravel the mysteries of our existence, gave birth to a "love project", Soulescence. It is a platform that encapsulates a greater journey, one that each of us is on, in search of our true purpose.


In my own life, Astrology and Tarot play a pivotal role, illuminating my path and guiding me towards a deeper understanding of my soul's calling. It is this profound understanding, this unyielding curiosity, that sparked the inspiration to create a space where others can embark on their own transformative journeys. Through Soulescence, I aspire to offer you a starting point, a gateway to discover the hidden desires that reside within you.

As you immerse yourself in this unique experience, my ultimate goal is to raise awareness about your deepest desires and shed light on the limitations that hinder your authentic expression. Together, we will journey from the realm of fear to the realm of love, unearthing the boundless possibilities that lie dormant within you.


I believe that within the vast expanse of Soulescence, you will find something meaningful that resonates with your own soul journey. Just as I am dedicated to my own path of self-discovery, I am equally dedicated to supporting and guiding you on yours. Let us embark on this transformative voyage together, unlocking the hidden treasures that await us and embracing the profound beauty of our souls.


What to expect: 

A customized holistic platform that supports the discovery of your Soul Potential

How to integrate the elemental nature of Fire, Air, Earth & Water in your daily life. 

Access to dedicated Evolutionary Astrologers, Soul-focused Tarot Readers & network of like-minded Soul members.

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