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Founder & Student of Life

Sun in: Scorpio/ Moon in: Taurus

Soulescence Readers

Hi there!


My name is Anastasiya and I am so grateful & excited to share my vision with you. The quest towards creating something unique & empowering for others was inspired by my own personal transformation, desire for self-expression & love of ancient mysticism.  

Allow me to share a bit about my journey and the inception of Soulescence. My quest for self-discovery spanned many years, but it was a pivotal moment when my sister introduced me to Evolutionary Astrology that a profound awakening occurred. This ignited a desire to dive deeper into my Soul Intention and cosmic purpose. In 2020, significant shifts began as I awakened to the realization that I was living a life driven by routine rather than vitality. This awakening led to the end of my 15-year marriage, propelling me towards a new direction of self-exploration.


By peeling away layers of conditioning, I sought to rediscover joy and authenticity. This journey back to my core essence inspired the birth of Soulescence. Along the way, various modalities, including Evolutionary Astrology and Tarot, supported my evolution. I also found myself drawn to the connection with Nature and Shamanism, igniting a desire to integrate these elements into our offerings. My aim is to provide a unique platform that will support your own journey of self-discovery & transformation. Through the exploration of your Birth Chart, Tarot, and connection with Nature, let us embark on a transformative voyage together, unlocking our soul's authentic voice and begin living with purpose. 

I invite you to explore how Soul Astrology, Tarot, and the Art of Alchemy can serve as powerful tools for gaining deeper self-understanding. These practices can empower you to align with your soul’s intentions and embrace your true path.

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