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Social Gatherings

Soul Gatherings are a perfect way to meet like-minded individuals to explore the facets of the inner workings of who we are. Through a pure understanding of unique individual experiences in our sessions, we begin to explore what makes us who we are and where we originate from.


We will incorporate Intuitive Astrology, Spirituality & everything in between in our discussions to deepen your understanding of self and help you reconnect with your soul mission. Having knowledge of these topics is not particularly necessary in our discussions. We do, however, invite you to come with an open mind and openness to discover something new about yourself & your Soul Journey!

See you soon!

Upcoming Events

Common Discussions

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Astrology & The Cosmos
Energy & Balance
Healing Modalities: Crystals, Singing Bowl, Meditations, Breathwork
Music & Sound Therapy
Self Help books & Resources
Connection with Infinite/Source

Nature Girl
Astrology Map

Theoretical discussions on Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality

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