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Image by Liam O'Connor

Pisces-The Mystic

"The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires"- Rumi

A birth chart is made up of 12 astrological houses, and while there are different systems that divide the houses up in different ways, your birth chart is never without any of the signs, just like it’s never without any of the houses. This means you embody all 12 signs (energies/modalities) even if you do not have any planets in that sign. Understanding how any of thee 12 zodiac signs work alongside your Big Three (sun, moon and rising) can help you to make more sense of your chart as a whole.

DATES: Feb 19 – Mar 20

SYMBOL: The Two Fishes KEYWROD: Sympathetic

ASPIRATION: Mastery (achieving our signs aspiration (things we can learn to master) is a key stage in the process of personal evolution. The fully evolved person will attain all 12 aspirations and so come closer to Divine.

MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable (adapting, versatile, dynamic) Water. The sign is often associated with the ocean, reflected in its gradually changing and softly morphing, yet powerful nature.

RULING PLANET: Jupiter & Neptune. Neptune, which is commonly associated with the nebulous creative and spiritual realm, imagination and fantasy, and transcendental experience. Neptune is the Roman god counterpart to the Greek god Poseidon. He was god of the sea, characterized by holding the double ended trident. The planet is also associated with the 'fog', including cloudy or confused thinking)

HOUSE: Twelfth METALS: Tin

STONES: Amethyst

MANTRA: I Believe

BODY PART: The Feet, Lymphatics, Liver

VULNERABILITY: Illnesses from impure blood, especially gout PLANTS & HERBS: sage, lemon balm, basil, lilac, nutmeg, borage, lilies, clove

COLORS: Purple & White


The word 'Pisces' means fishes in Latin. In modern symbology, Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in unison, both with their mouths at the tail of the other. The two fish represent the integration and balancing of two polarities. The dance brings them in unison, symbolizing a cosmic oneness and unity. Their fishy nature symbolizes that they are swimming in the ocean of pure consciousness, transcending the physical dimension.

Water signs make natural empaths, with an ability to tap into the emotions of people around them. They're nurturing towards the ones they love but need to be careful they're not overly giving with anyone who might take advantage of this quality. 

When in alignment

  • A sensitive and dreamy style

  • An enigmatic personality

  • Spiritually clear and centered

  • Seeking to transcend and experience sublime joy

  • Seeking to go 'with the flow' effortlessly

  • Compassionate yet knowing how to center within oneself

  •  Spiritually connecting with structure

When out of alignment

  • One is spiritually confused, co-dependent to other people or philosophies rather than using their own inner compass

  • Overly permissive, not knowing when to cut off empathy or to establish boundaries

  • Causing confusion rather than seeking clarity

  • Physically unaware rather than sensitive and conscious Victimhood rather than self-responsibility 

Affirmation to reconnecting with self:

My mission is self care first

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