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Image by Stan K.

Leo - The Creator

"If you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."- Vincent van Gogh

A birth chart is made up of 12 astrological houses, and while there are different systems that divide the houses up in different ways, your birth chart is never without any of the signs, just like it’s never without any of the houses. This means you embody all 12 signs (energies/modalities) even if you do not have any planets in that sign. Understanding how any of thee 12 zodiac signs work alongside your Big Three (sun, moon and rising) can help you to make more sense of your chart as a whole.

DATES: July 23 – Aug 22

SYMBOL: The Lion


ASPIRATION: Gratitude (Achieving our signs aspiration (things we can learn to master) is a key stage in the process of personal evolution. The fully evolved person will attain all 12 aspirations and so come closer to Divine.)

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed (resilient, persevering, sustaining) Fire. The 'fixed' quality can be unchanging in comparison to the other qualities. So, Leo energy can be seen as a full and established flame. A furnace or even a star itself is a good example of fire that is established.

RULING PLANET: Sun, which is associated with the conscious ego and identity, one's personal will, one's self-expression, where one seeks to shine, and one's desire for attention.

HOUSE: Fifth




BODY PART: The Heart & Sensory nerves

Vulnerabilities:  Fevers, heart attacks

PLANTS & HERBS: dill, lemon balm, tarragon, rue, chamomile, clove, sandalwood, frankincense, camphor, eyebright, sunflower, walnut & Marigold. 

COLORS: Gold & Purple

TAROT CARD: Strength

The word 'Leo' means lion in Latin. One of the earliest constellations, stemming from at least 4000 BC, it existed in Persian culture ("Ser"), Turk culture ("Artan"), Syrian ("Aryo"), Jewish ("Arye"), Indian ("Simha") among others, often used to inspire a sense of majesty and power. In modern symbology, Leo is represented by the lion, king of one's terrain, symbolizing the conscious ego which celebrates our ambitions and fuels our sense of purpose. It's capacity to roar signifies the desire for self-expression. Symbolically it is extroverted, eager to share it's creative power and celebration. The lion also reflects one's capacity to connect deeply with our hearts, freely express, and allow our inner child to play. Action can be expressed in many different ways; it can be constructive, creative, joyous, loving or triumphant; or it may be destructive, angry, brutal or violent. Fire can also be linked with insight and enlightenment with seeing what is and what needs to be done.

When in alignment

  • A playful, open heart

  • A radiant glow, shining warmth onto others

  • A liberated expression

  • Seeking to shine one's light visibly and publicly

  • A healthy ego fueled by internal validation

  • Flamboyant, extravagant and unlimited expression

  • A connection with the ever-creating inner child

When out of alignment


  • Uses empty drama to get attention

  • hypersensitive ego blocks value from constructive criticism

  • superiority complex, unable to admit defeat or wrongdoing

  • overly reliant on external validation, rather than feeling self-love

Affirmation to reconnecting with self:

I am here to shine — with or without your approval

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