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Soulescence Monthly Circle

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Hello Soul family,


As a way to give back to our amazing community, I invite you to join our Soulescence Circle, a monthly gathering where we dive into Soul Astrology, Tarot, and the Art of Alchemy to support your journey of connecting to your soul essence.


I feel that as we are all going though transitions (both on personal and collective level), connecting with your soul essence is crucial for living a fulfilling and purposeful life. Our Soulescence Circle offers a supportive space for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and community connection. We also pull Tarot and explore Oracle messages during our time together.

By exploring Soul Astrology, Tarot, and the Art of Alchemy, we gain deeper insights into our soul path, life lessons, and relationships. Each month's Star Key Theme provides relevant and relatable guidance, helping us navigate life's challenges and opportunities with clarity and intention.


Engaging in this community enriches our personal journeys and fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose. If you're interested in understanding your soul path, soul lessons, and relationships on a deeper level, I highly recommend purchasing one of our memberships Our Membership ServicesIn the meantime, feel free to explore our offerings and reach out if you have any questions!

Join Our Circle

Each month, we dive into a specific Star Key Theme that resonates with our collective experiences, fostering growth and connection. Join us at our next Circle as we get to explore the following theme. 

Month: August 

Star Key: Inner Heart & Collective Vision

Leo & Aquarius

The Leo/Aquarius polarity offers profound insights into our dual nature, guiding us to balance personal expression with collective vision. By understanding the archetypal energy of this dynamic duo, we can navigate our individual and societal roles with greater clarity and purpose.

Leo/Aquarius Polarity teaches us to:​​

  • Balance our need for individual recognition with our responsibility to the collective.

  • Integrate personal ambitions with a broader vision, creating a harmonious and progressive path forward.

  • Build Resilience: Cultivate the ability to navigate and embrace change, enhancing both personal and societal evolution.​

What We Will Discuss in Our Soulescence Circle:


  • Archetypal Energies- Understanding the fundamental qualities of Leo (self-expression, creativity, leadership) and Aquarius (innovation, community, vision). How these opposing forces can complement each other and create a harmonious balance in our lives.

  • Personal Application: Self-Reflection, Balancing Exercises Personal Stories of challenges & triumphs

  • Q&A and Community Sharing:

  • Tarot Insights​


And then, if you feel drawn to explore your Soul path more deeply, we offer a selection of soulful readings for you to choose from below.

How a Soulful Reading Can Support on Your Soul Path

  • Deep Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your unique soul characteristics, strengths, and challenges. This awareness helps you align more authentically with your true self.

  • Karmic Lessons and Patterns:  Learn about past life experiences and karmic patterns that are influencing your current life. Understanding these can help you break free from limiting cycles and embrace healing.

  • Emotional and Spiritual Healing: Identify emotional or energetic blocks that are hindering your progress.

  • Guidance and Direction: Whether you’re facing a major life change or feeling stuck, a soulful reading can offer clarity and direction. It helps you navigate transitions with confidence and grace.

  • Connection to Higher Wisdom: Connect with your spirit guides, higher self, and divine wisdom. These messages offer profound insights and affirmations that support your journey.

  • Strengthen your intuition and inner knowing. A soulful reading can empower you to trust your inner guidance and make choices that honor your soul’s desires

  • Integration and Balance: Learn how to balance and integrate different aspects of your being. Whether it’s balancing your inner and outer worlds, personal desires with collective needs, or heart and mind, a soulful reading provides the tools to achieve harmony.

  • Empowerment and Growth: Feel empowered to take charge of your life and soul journey. A soulful reading inspires confidence and motivation to pursue your dreams and goals.

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