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Image by Artur Łuczka

Capricorn- The Ruler

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”
― Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die

A birth chart is made up of 12 astrological houses, and while there are different systems that divide the houses up in different ways, your birth chart is never without any of the signs, just like it’s never without any of the houses. This means you embody all 12 signs (energies/modalities) even if you do not have any planets in that sign. Understanding how any of thee 12 zodiac signs work alongside your Big Three (sun, moon and rising) can help you to make more sense of your chart as a whole.

DATES: Dec 21 – Jan 20

SYMBOL: The Sea-Goat


ASPIRATION: Power (achieving our signs aspiration (things we can learn to master) is a key stage in the process of personal evolution. The fully evolved person will attain all 12 aspirations and so come closer to Divine

MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal (initiating, new, birthing) Earth. Of all the elements, the earth element is the one that moves the least. But earthquakes which give rise to mountains, or rockslides are a good example of the sudden, unexpected movement of the earth in nature which can give rise to new things on a broad scale. Saturn is also associated with the principle of contraction and 'crystallization', and so it is often associated with rocks, mountains, and gems.

RULING PLANET: Saturn (which is associated with the need to develop an strong internal foundation in life (like a mountain); garner self-reliance; one's relationship to self-discipline, concentration, and persistence toward their passions; one's career or work; one's sense of inner authority. Saturn is associated with major life shifts, such as the Saturn Return (around 28 years of age) which can be seen negatively or conversely, as a liberating experience of self-hood and empowerment)


STONES: Jet & Onyx

HOUSE: Tenth


BODY PART: The Knees & Bones


PLANTS & HERBS: dill, tarragon, caraway, rosemary, chamomile, lambs ears, rosemary, marjoram.

COLORS: Brown & Khaki


The word 'Capricorn' means horned goat in Latin. The symbol for Capricorn is unusual but also holding one of the oldest mythological associations, stemming from the bronze age (appr. 2000 BC). It is the 'sea-goat', a hybrid of a goat and fish. In Babylonian astrology, the sea-goat was associated with the God Enki, the deity of skilled work, craftsmanship, lakes and rivers, and creation in general. It is not clear what the hybrid creature symbolized exactly, but Greek mythology also speaks of a goat God Pan who battled a monster by generating a fish tail when crossing the Nile. In its symbology today, one half of the creature is the mountain goat, who lives on the edge of steep rocks, implausibly hopping from one steep ledge to another. This symbolizes the path to mastery, as what appears effortless has been learned with care. This creature is a climber, symbolizing one's personal pursuit of success. The fish tail symbolizes the need to swim through the watery depths and make friends with its emotional realm on its journey.

When in alignment


  • An initiating, playful, down to earth style

  • Capacity to be composed and directed when desired

  • Capacity to be persevering and disciplined in endeavors

  • Seeking to making one's mark

  • Seeking to celebrate overcoming challenge

  • Building a foundation

  • Self-responsibility that frees you from dependence on others

When out of alignment


  • Rigid and structured in their approach, not flowing & connected to their instinctual body

  • Overly cautious, not connected to inner knowing

  • Difficulty with inertia as one feels overly discouraged by their goal before even getting started

  • One denies their need for downtime and self-nurturance

  • One is frustrated by their emotions

Affirmation to reconnect with self:

Lean on me; I love to help...

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