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With Gemini and Cancer as guides, what new, adaptable ideas might help you manifest social stability and sensitivity this month?

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June always represents the airy energies of Gemini perfectly- but this month is full of watery and earthy influences from the moon phases and planetary transits occurring throughout. In many ways, the mutability and changeability of Gemini are reinforced by so many differing energies. This month may just keep you on your toes!


But Gemini season can and will be felt. June begins with the Sun in Gemini and Mercury (Gemini’s planetary ruler) not far behind. A conjunction between the Sun and Moon will occur in Gemini on June 6th, a New Moon that brings expanded intellect, curiosity, and a desire for answers. Don’t hesitate to ask the affirming questions you have on your mind; this New Moon is all about aligning the unknowns in your life with the things you know to be true and palpable.

Mars enters Taurus a few days later, bringing persistence and patience back into our bodies. While Gemini season can make us feel rushed and impatient, this Mars transit will remind us of the importance of measured steps and taking our time to achieve our greatest passions.


As June progresses, Cancer season begins with three key planets in the sign of the crab. Venus and Mercury start things off, entering Cancer on June 17th. Because of this powerful conjunction, our words will match our hearts, especially as the Sun enters Cancer and joins Venus and Mercury on June 20th. Showcase your sensitive side and recognize the free ambition you might have within as the Full Moon occurs in Capricorn and Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces. Your dreams will align with your sense of duty, leading to a productive and wholesome end of the month and beyond!

Mutable air Meets cardinal water

Soul Lessons from Gemini & Cancer

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While June steps away from stable, earthy Taurus into adaptable, playful Gemini, this transition will feel like a reward after so much hard work. Don’t resist the variable breezes of this month, even if they feel counterintuitive to the grounded Taurean forces that were at work in May. Fun is on the schedule, especially when it comes to social agendas and how we spend our free time. Ask every question your soul beckons you to ask. Communicate freely and with heart; you never know who might overhear.


June and Gemini energy are all about remaining open to differing influences and possibilities, especially when it comes to our capacities for self-discovery and growth. But what of Cancer season? The end of the month and this emotionally in-tune time will ask us to focus on aligning our thoughts with our feelings, particularly ones centered around domesticity and sentimentality. After so much time spent in the frivolity and playfulness of Gemini season, Cancer season asks how you might make fun and wonder foundational in your life.


Your dreams have the potential to align with your sense of duty, leading to a productive and wholesome command over your very essence for the rest of the summer!

June Oracle Message


Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle

by Colette Baron-Reid

For the month of June, I pulled the "Never-Ending Story" card, which addresses our narratives around pain, suffering, rejection, and arrogance, and highlights the unnecessary dramas that lead to hurt and loss. However, this Oracle came out reversed, indicating that we are gradually emerging from these mental loops.

We are beginning to recognize that staying in this energy feeds our fears and hinders our authenticity, preventing us from taking empowered action. This wisdom encourages us to let go of old stories about love, connection, abandonment, rejection, and loneliness. We are urged to forgive ourselves for believing these false narratives and to show compassion towards the parts of us that cling to them, as they were never true.

Often, we compare ourselves to others, feel entitled to their success, or fear the good things coming our way, leading to self-sabotage. This has been a challenging lesson for me personally, and today, I want to remind you to give it a try—to love yourself through your "mistakes" and moments of self-sabotage. Remember that you are here to create a new narrative and that the universe deeply loves you and awaits your realization of this truth.

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How the energies of June will impact each Rising Sun

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June brings novelty and new ambitions into your life, especially socially. Don’t forget to marry the new with what you already believe to be tried and true.




Trust your confidence and skills this month. Even in new situations, you will shine if you prioritize your own unique voice and sense of purpose.




This is a transformative month for you. If you’ve been putting off things that help you feel aligned and genuine, now is the time to change such behavior.




Love and heartfelt interactions will be prolific for you during the month of June. Don’t shy away from new people you meet. They may be here to stay.




Reflect and restore yourself this month, in many different aspects of your life. This is a time of intuitive contemplation rather than action. Have patience.




Innovate systems during the month of June, even ones you think are working for you. Now is an innovative, collaborative time. Asking for help may be necessary.



June is all about understanding what motivates you. Self-reflection will be necessary during this sociable time. Don’t forget about how healing solitude can be.




Specificity and intimacy are important words this month. Focus on what you need rather than what you typically receive. This is a time of contemplation over action.




June may prove frustrating, but only if you are unwilling to compromise. Resolve what remains unresolved so that your healing can begin in earnest.




Connective balance will be a must for you this month. Pay attention to the areas you can ease up on as well as the relationships that may need attending to.




Distractions will be prominent this month. Sort through what helps you feel most aligned and dedicate your energies to these things rather than all the rest.




Safety and security will be on your mind this June. Cultivating these themes will be easy if you get out of your head. Look to those who bring you joy first. The rest will feel easy.

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