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Image by Vladimir Anikeev

Aquarius-The Maverick

"Refuse to be ordinary"

A birth chart is made up of 12 astrological houses, and while there are different systems that divide the houses up in different ways, your birth chart is never without any of the signs, just like it’s never without any of the houses. This means you embody all 12 signs (energies/modalities) even if you do not have any planets in that sign. Understanding how any of thee 12 zodiac signs work alongside your Big Three (sun, moon and rising) can help you to make more sense of your chart as a whole.

DATES: Jan 21 – Feb 18

SYMBOL: The Water-Bearer

MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed (resilient, persevering, sustaining) Air. The 'fixed' quality can be unmoving and unchanging in comparison to the other qualities. So, Aquarius energy can be seen as still air, such as that which predominates in space. It can also be seen as the quality of electricity, an intangible current, a carefully controlled and contained flow of energy, and yet at its basis composed of erratically moving particles

KEYWORD: Knowing

ASPIRATION: Love (Achieving our signs aspiration (things we can learn to master) is a key stage in the process of personal evolution. The fully evolved person will attain all 12 aspirations and so come closer to Divine.

METALS: Platinum & Uranium

STONES:  Turquoise

RULING PLANET: Saturn & Uranus (Uranus, which is associated with an awakening force in one's life, flashes of insight, shocks or the unexpected, the role of friendship, how one seeks change from society as well as social unity and connectedness)

HOUSE: Eleventh


BODY PART: Ankles & Circulation

VULNERABILITY: Ankles, Circulatory System & Shins

PLANTS & HERBS: daffodil, sage, comfrey, rosemary, valerian, fennel, mint.

COLORS: Silver & Blue


The word 'Aquarius' means water-carrier in Latin. In Babylonian astrology, the sign Aquarius was called the 'Great One' and associated with the god Ea who was commonly depicted holding an overflowing vase. The Sun passed through this sign during the time of year of annual floods and so was sometimes associated with destructive flooding. In Greek mythology, the sign was known as the water pitcher, from which a stream poured through. In modern symbology, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. The flow of water represents the force that sustains life and quenches thirst for a connection with Spirit. Aquarius is a symbolized by a 'tapped in' person who is able to be a vessel for the 'water' of understanding to their community. Cafe astrology describes Aquarius:

Thought of as rational, social, and intellectual. People with this sign are naturally friendly, communicative, and analytical. Their curiosity makes them excellent students, and most continue to self-educate long after they've completed formal schooling. They love keeping up-to-date with their friends, but need to be mindful to carve out time for quiet reflection, and avoid overstimulation, anxiety, or insomnia. 

When in alignment


  • A personally driven, unashamed self-expression

  • A visionary approach

  • Seeking authentic belonging and friendship within a community Desire to feel charged and activated

  • Individualistic yet embracing of others individualism

  • Unafraid to be different among the crowd

When out of alignment


  • A strong desire for an identity or security within a group, preventing authentic expression

  • Feeling of separation from the whole, rather than finding their wholeness within

  • Displays a discomfort with their uniqueness

  • One exhibits inconsistent, hot or cold fluctuations in their feelings, due to varying self-restraint or self-expression

Affirmation to reconnect with self:

I do it my way, and I allow you to do the same

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